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New York City School Construction Authority


Metals in Construction – Spring 2012

History will surround the students attending Richard R. Green High School of Teaching.  Located in lower Manhattan’s Financial District, the school occupies the ground, first, first floor mezzanine and second floor of the Standard Oil Building.  Built in the 1920’s, rich in architectural detail and previously occupied by one of America’s most powerful oil companies, the property conversion to allow educational use was challenging.


Along with the typical classrooms, science labs, art and music rooms, cafeteria, kitchen and administration space, the program called for a two-story high gymnasium.  Without a two-story space available in the existing building, an underused mechanical courtyard, created by earlier additions to the original building, was renovated into a gymnasium.  Neglected and in disrepair, the roof of the court was raised and replaced with a skylight to allow natural light and active play.  In the entrance lobby and corridors, original marble wainscoting was retained and, where necessary, augmented with modern materials to complete the surrounding interior decoration lending a distinctive look to the school.


The school is a leased space model project following the NYC Green Schools Guide.

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