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P.S. 92


New York City School Construction Authority


American School & University – Outstanding Design 2018

Designed in the late 1980s, the existing school building exemplifies the postmodern architectural style popular at the time.  Without repeating the ornamental elements found on the original building, the design for the addition aligns key datum points to visually link the two structures, matches the aluminum window frame color, uses the same brick manufacturer and playfully reinterprets the decorative cast stone banding surrounding the windows.


Emphasizing form over function, the roof of the existing building is decorated with bifurcated barrel vaults centrally located between paired classrooms.  The design for the addition accentuates the paired grouping of the classroom windows by thickening the cast stone banding between the windows and positioning the roof overflow scupper on a central axis above.  The scupper is finely detailed in cast stone adding a decorative element to the exterior.


With the new addition the school supports a total population of 912 students and consolidates all school programs within one building.  The elimination of the previous Temporary Classroom Units and improvements to the remaining available site area allowed for a 14,200 square foot play yard.

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