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Pequot Capital Management


Metals in Construction – Summer 2000

For this highly visible space in midtown Manhattan, the client wished to communicate a prosperous office to potential investors.  Visitors step off the elevators and cross a dramatic bridge over the elevator lobby of the firm’s lower floor. The sculptural shape of the bridge’s guardrail, formed in frosted acrylic, glows from lights hidden within and leads to a generous reception area.


With unobstructed views of the city on all sides, light passes unhindered into the spaces created for conference rooms and private offices along the exterior wall. Full height glass walls between these rooms and the corridor permits daylight and views throughout the interior.


Great curving walls, implying a circle, center the office layout within the square footprint of the building.  On one side, a solid wall of maple hides the mail and utility rooms and on the other side, a wall of translucent glass panels on a low maple wall encloses a fitness room and lounge.


Convenience stairs between the client’s two floors, are designed in steel and finished with a dark stain.  Each tread is supported by an “L” shaped plate which cantilevers off the wall below the tread then turns up to become posts for the handrail.

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