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Architect of Record



New York City Department of Parks & Recreation


Best Natural Resource Restoration – 2000

Marine Park covers 798 acres, including land underwater, at the westernmost inlet of Jamaica Bay.  Supplied with fresh water from Gerritsen Creek, a stream within the park, Marine Park’s salt water marsh is home to a lively variety of plants and animals.  The Salt Marsh Nature Center, one of fifteen Urban Park Ranger Nature Centers in New York City, serves as an in-park community center for public education, recreational activities and environmental studies.


A stone tower highlights the entrance to the Nature Center from the city-side of the building.  Once inside, the entrance floor is detailed with a mural of local wildlife such as butterflies, birds, insects and sea creatures.  Off the main entrance are two wings that contain exhibit, classroom, office and meeting space, as well as an on-site caretaker’s apartment.  A wood slatted canopy supported by a row of bluestone columns extends over the walkway that leads to the entrance facing the bay, welcoming hikers from the nature trails.


Marine Park is Brooklyn’s largest park and is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area under the auspices of the National Park Service.

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