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greenville elementary school
scarsdale, NY


Edgemont Union Free School District


Roy Wright

The Greenville Elementary School is a one-story trident-shaped structure built in two phases during the 1950s and 1960s.  Each finger was an independent wing allocated to two grades and allowed no intermingling of student-no community-except through chance encounters in the distant connecting corridors at the trident’s base.  
JCA completed the circulation, adding a connecting semi-public space to the end of each wing, which can also be used by the community at large.  They offer views of the interior courtyards, which were created between the wings by the addition, or out onto the playing fields.  The new library, multipurpose room (with stage and storage facilities), and science library can each function independently from one another and from the existing classrooms, effectively transforming the school into a community center wherever necessary.
The school stands on top of a hill.  The new community spaces face south.  The exposure is blocked by steel projections jutting out from the glass curtainwall, finished in bright yellow.  Along with the materials palette of the addition, this coloration maintains the aesthetics of the original building. 
John Ciardullo Associates also proposed alterations to create two classrooms, a faculty room, special education rooms, a testing room and restrooms.  The existing multipurpose room was modified into a two-level lunchroom.

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