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westchester country club sports house
Rye, NY


Westchester Country Club


Nathanial Lieberman

The Westchester Country Club, originally built in 1920, consists of a fourteen story hotel, sports house and administrative building (site plan above). From the beginning, the extensively used sports house was a central component of the complex. 
The concepts from the original building retained in the new design were a two level women's locker room within interconnecting skylight atrium and the tiled indoor swimming pool.  The new two story sports house also contains a two level men's locker room with an interconnecting atrium to provide natural tight.  All the interiors provide generous views of the surrounding golf course. 
Given the haphazard nature of the additions, the front facade was the only one deemed worth saving; the rest were demolished. Incorporating similar detailing and materials, the new exteriors blend with the retained front facade, and the other country club facilities. 
With the Westchester Golf Classic tournament, held annually at the club every June, time was the most pressing constraint imposed upon the project. It was also important to give members access to the building until Labor Day to avoid the loss of the entire golf season. This left only ten months to demolish and construct the new 48,000 sq. ft. structure for use in early June. With highly effective time management, the Westchester Country Club Classic proceeded without delay.

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