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Greenwich HOUSE



greenwich, ct


Nathanial Lieberman

Built as a studio and home for a sculptor, this home clearly reflects the ideals of an artist.  The client selected a wooded six-acre site in Greenwich, Connecticut.  A plan for the site was then developed that boldly situated the all-metal house at the top of a ridge overlooking a 50 ft. ravine, a pond and a dense cluster of oak trees.
The house is divided between the private residence and the production studio for the monumental outdoor sculptures.  The residential portion also acts as a gallery for the display of the sculptures while complementing their designs.  
The exterior of the house is finished with metal panels, hand cut each panel hand cut by the artist with the same level of precision as his own work.  The resulting metal clad exterior stands in stark contrast to its natural surroundings.  
The interior material palette is consistent and man-made; gray acrylic carpet, stainless steel kitchen countertops, black synthetic rubber flooring, aluminum railings and cabinet doors and a steel mantlepiece.  The exacting approach pursued in each detail gives the house a powerful presence and refined finish.

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