Team field trip to Slaw Precast, Inc

In Lehighton, Pennsylvania reside the offices and production facilities of J&R Slaw, Inc: A premier manufacturer of precast concrete products. Much of the Ciardullo team went out to visit these facilities this past Tuesday, September 12, 2017. The purpose of the trip was to see in person how one of our suppliers produces its product as well as to ask them specific questions about it.┬áThe folks at J&R Slaw provided valuable answers to critical questions regarding the potential uses and limitations of their precast concrete products. They even suggested a few uses that hadn’t been previously considered. Our team was impressed with both the product and the staff. It is essential to our projects to have top quality construction materials, and that is what J&R Slaw Precast manufactures.


The car ride to and from Lehighton was lengthy but provided bonding time for an already closely-knit Ciardullo team. A large part of how we function here at Ciardullo is due to the nature of our relationships with our coworkers. Spending time as a group outside of the workplace helps strengthen cooperative skills and is invaluable when it comes to working on our projects.


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