Perless House

Perless House
Greenwich, CT


The Perless Residence, built as a studio and home for the modernist sculptor Robert Perless, reflects the ideals of the artist.  Modern and uncompromising in every detail, the all-metal house is boldly situated on top of a ridge overlooking a 50 foot ravine, pond and dense cluster of oak trees that make up its six-acre lot.


The exterior of the house is finished with metal panels of Alucobond, which consists of a polyethylene core secured between two sheets of anodized aluminum.  Perless hand cut each panel in his studio to ensure the same level of precision as his own work.  The resulting metal clad exterior stands in stark contrast to its natural surroundings.


Functionally, the structure is divided between the private residence and the production studio for the artist’s monumental outdoor sculptures.  The residential portion also acts as a gallery for the display of the sculptures while complementing their designs.  One moves through the house downward with the slope of the ravine while the glass walls, 30 feet wide and 26 feet high, direct attention upward between trees to the open sky.



New Construction


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