Leonard P. Stavisky School

P.S. 242Q
Queens, NY


The unusual massing that forms this primary school is influenced by the obtuse angle of the streets bounding its site.  The three-story building is organized along a double-loaded corridor parallel to the property line of the adjacent apartment building. While the classrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor are arranged simply along the corridor, shared spaces including the student dining room as well as administration functions in the larger first floor building footprint are positioned parallel to the road. Interrupted by the central corridor, the two halves of the entry facade are rotated toward competing angles of the site. The central curtain wall running the height of the building makes the entry unmistakable and provides light directly into the double-loaded corridors.


The community’s primary mandate for the new school was to ensure the play area, which doubles as an assembly area before school, was safe from traffic.  By setting the building back from the property line and providing a masonry and wrought iron fence fronting the streets the play area is a protected yet sunny zone for the 400 pre-kindergarten thru 3rd grade students enrolled at the school.



New Construction


New York City School Construction Authority


Queens County Builders  – Best Building 2001

Queens Chamber of Commerce – Design Award 2001