Browne House

Browne House
Waccabuc, NY


With the purchase of six acres of rough wooded land in Waccabuc, New York, the Browne’s wanted a weekend home where they could feel a part of the forest.  The site slopes steeply in two directions and large rock outcroppings pepper the landscape, challenges that led to design opportunities.


The design took advantage of the two directional slope of the land by nesting the utility rooms in the lower portion of the structure into the hill and creating outdoor terraces on the high side of the house. Rising from a high, sturdy base of stone quarried from the site, the house appears to have emerged from its natural surroundings.   A glass and aluminum pavilion is perched on this stone base providing the living room with stunning tree top views of the woods on three sides.   Seen from the exterior, the pavilion is tethered to the rest of the house with a curving stone wall below and above by a waving flag of clapboard siding.  Between these is an undulating ribbon of glass.  In this application, traditional materials used in an unusual way create a comfortable harmony of unique spaces from which to enjoy the scenery.



New Construction