200 East 87th St.

200 East 87th Street
New York, NY


This twenty-two story mixed-used high-rise located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side includes retail space on the ground floor, residential on the upper floors and a private school’s gymnasiums on the third through eighth floors.  Designing with reinforced concrete, as was typical for residential high-rises in New York City at the time, would have required huge concrete girders for the long spans of column-free spaces necessary for the gymnasiums.  The choice to design in steel and concrete plank reduced both material and weight resulting in substantial construction cost savings for the developer.


To animate the masonry facade, horizontal bands of brick at varied levels subtly signify a change of venue in the interior.  Fenestration makes a similar statement with arcade-like pier and storefront pattern at the base of the building, denoting a commercial enterprise, varied window sizes mid-way for the large group spaces and a regular rhythm of windows on the residential floors.  A progressive series of set-backs soften the top of the building and allow multiple floors of apartments to have terraces.



New Construction


Olnick Organization


Modern Steel Construction –  – November 1992

Metals In Construction – Fall/Winter 1991